About us

What is The Comparison Company

We started The Comparison Company to offer consumers a genuinely ethical and transparent way of navigating the minefield that is financial services. Our goal is to help even the most novice consumers understand what options are available so they can make smart, informed decisions regarding their selection of utility providers, bank accounts, insurance products, loans, and much more.

Why now?

According to NPR, nearly a third of households in the US have struggled to pay their energy bills, with some even forgoing food, medicine, or other necessities to pay their bills.

When it comes to basic home utility costs like electricity, water, and natural gas, the average American household can spend anywhere from $2,200 to $4,000 a year—a significant chunk out of any family's budget. It's also no secret that Americans in major cities find themselves strapped with excessive monthly costs for these and additional services - almost $1,000  per month!

We understand that in this Post COVID world your safety and financial well being is important. We are passionate about making a positive impact in your life by helping you save money and time by allowing you to compare, buy & track your bills from the comfort of your home with the assurance that your information is kept private at all times.

Our Benefits

We do the comparing

We find the top 5 suppliers for each sector to only show the best

Save time

Sign up to new services in under 5 mins & never enter your data again

Total privacy - Stop spam

We mask your contact information to stop robocalls & spam completely

Earn money

Earn money towards bills by sharing prices with your friends & family

Track utility use & cost

Connect all bills into one simple dashboard & see how to save money

Know how you rank

Learn your TCC Score & see your costs compared to your neighbors

Automate bill paying

Simplify payments, see your real costs

Switch automatically

Where available, automatically switch to the lowest price each month

La misión de Comparación

El mundo es ya bastante estresante y complicado en estos momentos para tener que andar también preocupándose por las facturas de los servicios públicos. Son facturas que nos vienen cada mes y servicios que no nos queda más remedio que pagar, pero hasta ahora no había manera de asegurarse de que se obtenía una buena oferta. Creemos que no es justo que en teoría podamos ahorrarnos un dinero, pero no haya forma de comparar todos los precios a la vez. Con nosotros eso se acabó. Por favor, pruébalo, creemos que lo encontrarás útil. Sin recibir jamás spam ni llamadas automáticas. Sólo los 5 mejores precios. Si encuentras una oferta más barata, dínoslo y probablemente ganarás $100.