Where Can You Find Cheap TV Rates in 2020? 4 Easy Steps

Where Can You Find Cheap TV Rates in 2020? 4 Easy Steps

September 01, 2020TV packages

We're still in the modern equivalent of the golden age for TV, even if many of these great shows are found on streaming services. But with the way cable and TV providers are partnering to make these streaming services accessible and affordable for all, you are in a better position than ever to get a real bang for your buck. So, how can you find cheap TV in 2020? It's all about a methodical approach to finding the best packages and deals!

Where Can You Find Cheap TV Rates in 2020? 4 Easy Steps

1. Search by Your Location

Your first step is going to be searching for a TV service provider based on your geographical location. We say this as the first step because not all companies are available in all areas. Depending on your area's cable infrastructure, you may only be able to use the services of one or two companies; in rural areas, you might even be limited to satellite TV rather than cable, which may factor into your cost.

The easiest way to know which TV service providers are available in your location is to either ask your neighbors or ask your favorite search engine. You can even go directly to the company website and type in your zip code for a quick confirmation. The chances are pretty high that you'll wind up with one of the bigger cable providers, like Xfinity, but that's okay because you can still find a good deal there!

2. Find Your Cable Package

Your cable package is, hands down, the most important decision you're going to make to find a cheap TV service. Your package refers to the channels that you are paying for, which generally include basic cable and a few other channels. Depending on the channels you want in your line-up, the price you pay may vary.

Basic Cable vs Custom Packages

Basic cable is generally your local stations for news, weather, and public broadcast - this includes ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and a few others. Basic cable airs many of the primetime shows that make the trending list on Twitter, so you definitely won't be missing out if you opt for the basic package. However, you also have the option of customizing your package with additional channels. Just know that the more channels you want in your line-up, the more channels you'll be paying for.

Of course, if you're mostly interested in streaming services, you can always opt to pay for basic cable and add streaming services onto your account. The trick to getting most streaming services on your TV screen is to have the right TV box, which will be sent to you or installed by the service provider. Win-win!

Should You Have Premium Channels?

Premium channels are always add-on costs, no matter which TV service provider you choose or what your cable package is. Premium channels are those such as HBO, SHOtime, STARZ, and EPIX, all of which create their own television shows and stream popular movies that have been released within the last 1 to 2 years.

Whether you should have premium channels or not is up to you - but you should know that if you're keen on following the latest Emmy-winning shows, some premium channels are a must. You can always cancel premium channel subscriptions at any time.

3. Consider Bundling

The key to cheap TV for many people is to bundle services, particularly the internet. Bundling your cable service may reduce the overall cost of your utilities each month, so it's worth considering when you're shopping for a TV package. Many service providers have bundled packages right next to their cable packages, making it easy to compare costs. This could also be the best way to get the channels you want, as some internet-cable bundles have different line-ups than regular cable packages.

4. Look for Promotional Offers

You'll also want to pay attention to promotional offers. Promotional offers are unique in that they are meant to draw new customers to the TV service provider, which means the cable package may be at a guaranteed discount for a set amount of months. Promotional offers also throw in temporary subscriptions to premium channels and streaming services, so if you aren't sure about adding either of those to your cable package, you can use a promotional offer to see if those add-ons are right for you.

Finding cheap TV in 2020 is really a matter of a few simple steps; know your location, know your packages, and know about promotional offers. Whether you end up bundling your cable and your internet or not, you can easily find affordable television by setting a target on what you need and what you want. There's a happy medium for your television-watching needs with many cable providers. To learn more about how to find the cheapest TV service providers, review the current best deals on The Comparison Company.

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