5 Best Password Managers for Business.

5 Best Password Managers for Business

October 13, 2020Security

Are you looking for the best password manager to use for your business?

With ransomware attacks increasing by 350% per year, it's important that you keep your business safe in any way possible. This is especially important nowadays since the pandemic has forced most of us to continue our work online. This means that your data at risk of getting stolen at any time.

What's great is that there's an easy way to increase the security of your online profile. You only need to get yourself a good password manager to help you with most security issues.

With many password managers available on the internet today, though, which one is the best for you? Check out the items on this list and find the best password manager 2020 has to offer today!

1. LastPass

When running a small business or working from home, you're going to want to reduce all of your spending as much as possible. You would also want to look for ways to save money on bills if you can. In that spirit, you will want to get a free password manager.

This is where LastPass steps into the scene. It's the best free password manager if you're looking to save on costs. This is because it offers a free version that gives you more than most premium password managers.

What makes LastPass great is that it keep your data secure with AES-256 encryption. This means that it can support the largest bit size when it comes to your passwords. This translates to 64 characters, making brute force hacking next to impossible.

LastPass can also provide you with more convenience. You can log things like your credit card details for easier online shopping. You can also input things like delivery addresses if you find yourself ordering food online.

The best feature that LastPass has is its multi-factor authentication. This helps you protect your information by providing many authentication authorization attempts when the system detects that there are any login attempts from anything other than your device.

The free version also provides you with support for mobile devices. This is a great way to track your phone should you lose it. If you can't find it, LastPass also gives you the option to lock everyone out and encrypt your data.

2. RoboForm

With home and online-based jobs becoming the norm, you can expect a surge of online documents. For people in a managerial position, this means that they have to fill out the same forms over and over again. This can become tedious and a risk to security if it involves filling out forms with sensitive information.

With RoboForm, filling out forms is automatic and secure. You can set the details in this plugin and it will fill out designated forms in your place. This is useful if you're managing a large-scale operation with many workers.

What's great about this is that it has an auditing tool. This will help you detect and weak and identical passwords and suggest strong password replacements. The suggestions are also good because they're a mix of special characters, numbers, and letters.

The only problem with RoboForm is that it doesn't have the mobile support that LastPass has. What's great is that the price for a premium account is affordable. You'll also have local and online storage security with a premium account.

3. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper is a great way to keep yourself from leaking file data while sending it online. This involves anything regarding the password you use for any device. This is possible because this plugin supports every major browser.

It also supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's a great way to ensure that you don't have any issue getting this to work.

Once you register your password into the plugin, it will detect if anything else tries to use it. It also warns you if it appears in any detected data breach, like leaked files and such. Much like other password managers, this also tells you if your passwords are weak or re-used.

It also has a biometric authentication feature that syncs with other devices. There's no limit for devices that you can sync a single account with. The catch is that you need to avail of the premium membership.

This plugin doesn't have a free version at all. It gives you a great deal, though, by giving you 30 days of free trial first.

4. LogMeOnce

Are you working on different devices and software at once? If so, then LogMeOnce is the best choice for you! This plugin allows you to access your account no matter what device you're using.

What's great is that this plugin removes the need for a master password that managers require. Instead, it places more custom security options. This is to prevent you from getting locked out of your account in case you forget your password.

LogMeOnce also offers biometric options, as well as a Single Sign-On feature. This is so that you need not keep logging in your credentials all the time.

5. Dashlane

Looking for a capable manager for your device? Dashlane is the best one in the market today. This is because it can store up to 50 login credentials in a secure vault for you.

With a premium account, you can synchronize all your passwords with all your devices. What's great about it is that it monitors your devices for any breach all the time. This includes dark web data breaches, which are among the most dangerous breaches.

This is great if you have lots of files to store. All the files that your devices hold undergo encryption and tons of security checks.

What's great is that it also provides you with a native VPN. This makes it safer for you to secure your connections if you're logging on to public hotspots.

Use the Best Password Manager For Your Business Today

With these password managers, you can ensure the safety of your data. Choose the best password manager for your business and keep your work, business, and personal life under tight lock and key today!

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